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Nova Launcher Android App


Nova Launcher is an Android app that has gained popularity for its customizable home screen and extensive array of features. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, let's explore the key aspects that have contributed to Nova Launcher's success:

Customizable Home Screen: 

Customizable Home Screen:

One of the primary appeals of Nova Launcher is its ability to let users personalize their Android home screens to suit their preferences and style. With Nova Launcher, users can easily adjust app icon size, font styles, grid layout, and customize the appearance of app icons to create a unique and personalized look.

App Drawer Customization: 

Nova Launcher offers a variety of options for customizing the app drawer, enabling users to organize apps in folders, sort apps by name or usage, and modify the app drawer's appearance according to their preferences.

Gestures and Shortcuts: 

Gestures and shortcuts

A standout feature of Nova Launcher is its support for customizable gestures and shortcuts. Users can assign specific actions to gestures like swiping, pinching, or double-tapping on the home screen, providing quick access to apps and functions without navigating through the app drawer.

Icon Themes and Packs: 

Icon themes and packs

Users have the option to apply icon themes or packs from the Play Store to change the visual style of app icons across the home screen and app drawer, allowing for a fresh and personalized look.

App Hiding: Nova Launcher offers the convenience of hiding specific apps from the app drawer, ensuring privacy and easy access only through specific gestures or shortcuts.

Scroll Effects: 

The app provides various scroll effects, adding visual enhancements as users swipe through home screen pages or the app drawer, contributing to a visually appealing and dynamic user experience.

Backup and Restore


back and restore

Nova Launcher includes a useful backup and restore feature, enabling users to save their customized settings and configurations and restore them when needed, even if they switch devices.

Notification Badges: 


notification badges

Nova Launcher supports notification badges, displaying the number of unread messages or pending notifications on app icons, which helps users stay informed about app activity.

Dock Customization:

Nova Launcher allows users to customize the dock, including the number of icons displayed, its appearance, and the ability to add widgets for quick access to information.

Performance and Speed: 

Performance and Speed

Despite offering extensive customization options, Nova Launcher is known for its smooth performance and minimal impact on device speed and battery life, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Support and Updates: 

Nova Launcher is actively updated, ensuring compatibility with the latest Android versions and introducing new features based on user feedback and industry trends.


Nova Launcher is a versatile and customizable Android app that provides users with the means to create a personalized home screen experience. By offering options for customizing the home screen, app drawer, gestures, and shortcuts, Nova Launcher empowers users to tailor their Android devices to their individual preferences and style. Its smooth performance, regular updates, and user-friendly features have contributed to its popularity among Android enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and personalized home screen experience.


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